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Building the Dream of Brand, Playing the Industry Chapter, Kaituo Cup 2018 Huicong Brand Festival was solemnly held
Date:2019-02-28 Count:1165
On November 28, the Pioneer Cup, sponsored by Huicong Audio and Lighting Network, was held in Guangzhou in 2018 with the exclusive name of Pioneer. The Pioneer Cup, sponsored by COK Brand Group, Huaxia Glorious Brand and Bosch Education, was held in Guangzhou. With the theme of "Starlight Bright Brand Future", the conference witnessed the brand strength and the future development of the audio and lighting industry. More than 400 people from upstream and downstream industries, such as leading experts, entrepreneurs, representatives of manufacturers, distributors/agents/engineers and media, participated actively in the conference.
2018 coincides with the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, and is also the year when the brand event of Huicong Audio and Lighting Network sounds the trumpet of starting again. As the largest and most influential event in the audio and lighting industry, the 13-year Huicong Audio and Lighting Industry Network Brand Fair has been successfully held as the "Industry Oscar", which has great and far-reaching significance in stimulating enterprise innovation, creating new industry needs and pointing out the direction of industry development. This year, the brand festival will be continued with unprecedented grandeur, splendid scenes, splendid performances, shining industry elites, the ingenious integration of business and art, which together triggered a new round of strong development of the magnetic field effect.
It is worth mentioning that for the first time, the round table layout was adopted in this conference, which greatly shortened the distance between enterprises, businessmen and experts and teachers. There were plenty of seats and climaxes on the spot. The guests exchanged with each other and the atmosphere was very harmonious.
A Century-old Brand Dream of the Industry's Big Cafe Qigai Golden Handprint Sprint
Along with the exciting background music, a number of big cafes, including Wang Heng, chairman of Disp, He Huanchao, chairman of Feida Audio, Liang Guoqin, chairman of Hedong Intelligent, Liang Zhiyuan, chairman of Zhujiang Lighting, Li Jinbo, chairman of Sanyu Science and Technology, came to the stage and left their own hand-print mud and signature on the special gift of VIP - "Golden Handprint". This is right. The recognition of outstanding enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the audio and lighting industry in the past few years, as in the past few years, embodies the bright vision of leading the industry's excellent brands to make ingenuity, to firmly move forward and to be a century-old enterprise. It is these hands that leave golden marks that create today's brilliance of the sound and light industry, hold up a bright future of the sound and light industry, and promote the professional sound and light brand of China to move forward together in a strong and positive voice of public opinion.
In addition, although Wen Kejian, chairman of Sanji Acoustics, and Wang Xianggui, chairman of Yinwang Group, were unable to come to the scene personally, they still sent their wishes and hopes to the 2018 Huicong Audio and Lighting Industry Brand Festival through VCR. It can be seen that in 2018, the brand event of Huicong Audio and Lighting Industry received the attention of what kind of specifications; and win the unanimous favor of the giants in the field and field, it can also be predicted that the future of Huicong Audio and Lighting Network is worth looking forward to.
"Industry Oscar" announces the brilliance of the writing industry of top ten enterprises and top 100 engineers
As an important part of the conference, Huicong Audio and Lighting Network, known as the "industry Oscar" brand selection activities, joined hands with authoritative experts, manufacturers, engineers and end users of China's professional audio and lighting industry to award awards for "Top Ten Brands of Audio and Lighting Industry in 2018" and "Top 100 Engineers in 2018". In this selection, a number of excellent brands in the field of audio and lighting industry segmentation were born. With their excellent performance, they won the recognition of the industry and played a demonstration role in the development of audio and lighting enterprises.
In the past 40 years, China's professional audio and lighting industry has entered a mature stage of development, and the market competition has gradually become brand competition. In this context, "Top Ten Brands" and "Top 100 Engineers" will shoulder the important role of excellent brands and lead the industry forward.
Expert Teachers and Guests
"The Godfather of Chinese Brand" is teaching to lead the brand's new future
In addition, at this conference, Huicong Audio Lighting Network invited Mr. Yu Mingyang, Director of Brand Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, who has the reputation of "Godfather of Chinese Brand", to bring the course "Brand Management and Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading" to the audience, to share the changes of brand culture, spirit and concept of Chinese enterprises with the professionals, and to welcome the arrival of a brand new era. Come on.
With the melodious melody of sign language program "Gratitude Heart", Kaituo Cup 2018 Huicong Audio and Lighting Industry Brand Fair officially ended. In the future, the 2018 Huicong Audio and Lighting Industry Brand Fair will continue to promote the prosperity of the audio and lighting industry, promote brand innovation and development, and move towards a higher and better direction.
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