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Guangzhou Electronics and Audio Industry Association's First and Second Membership Meeting was held successfully
Date:2019-02-28 Count:1139
On May 29, 2013, the first and second general meeting of Guangzhou Electronics and Audio Industry Association was successfully held in Guoguang Electronics Co., Ltd. More than 40 members of the association and experts from Guangzhou Audio and Electronics Industry Innovation Alliance attended the meeting. The conference was presided over by Secretary-General Yang Shouping, who first reported in detail on the work of the Council of Guangzhou Electronics and Audio Industry Association in 2012.
Under the leadership of the Science and Information Bureau of Guangzhou and Huadu District, under the care and guidance of Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, with the full support of the chairman's unit, Guoguang Electronics Co., Ltd., and with the active cooperation of all member units, Guangzhou Electronics and Audio Industry Association has conscientiously implemented the development of "China Audio Capital" by the state, provinces, cities and districts since its formal establishment in May 2012. Guidelines and policies should promptly reflect the current situation and requirements of the industry to the relevant government departments. Focusing on the purpose of serving enterprises, government and society, they should play a bridge and link role between the government and enterprises and institutions, actively carry out activities in accordance with the law and regulations, and successfully complete the work plan for 2012.
Speaking at the meeting, President Zhou Haichang said: "With the development of Internet technology, wireless technology and intelligent technology, the audio industry is undergoing a major test, and the functions of traditional audio products are challenged by the intelligent technology of Apple and Samsung. Energy-saving, miniaturization, wireless and intellectualization have become the necessary means for the development of the audio industry. Only by adhering to technological innovation and catching up with the times and trends can enterprises develop. Fortunately, according to the Secretariat, the vast majority of our members can keep up with the trend, meet the market needs in time, and keep up with the development speed of developed countries, so life is still good. Although there are many difficulties in operating conditions in recent years, our members are still growing. Congratulations on your continuous investment in technological research and development and good results! In order to develop the audio industry, in addition to technological progress, efforts should be made to increase service content, gradually changing from pure manufacturing to both service industries. Such as increasing design and development services, increasing personalized services in sales, increasing the self-service function of products, etc., to get rid of the pure hardware-based profit model can adapt to social progress. Audio industry is now facing many difficulties, labor costs continue to rise substantially, the RMB continues to appreciate, land costs are getting higher and higher, technology updates lead to high research and development costs. But our industry is an industry with a market forever. Music enjoyment is an indispensable part of people's life. So although our industry has a long history, it is by no means a sunset industry. As long as there is a market, there is hope for the existence and development of enterprises. As long as we choose the right direction, there will always be good days. Bless you all! I wish Guangzhou electronic audio industry prosperous and prosperous, and I wish you a better and better career and life! ____________ President Zhou's speech is like a warm current in winter, which adds confidence and motivation to the industry.
Wu Wuxian, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Ruifeng Audio Technology Co., Ltd., He Huanchao, chairman of Guangzhou Feida Audio Equipment Co., Ltd., Deng Qingtao, chairman of Guangzhou Yunsheng Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., and Li Yinde, chairman of Guangzhou Qingyang Audio Accessories Co., Ltd., made speeches at the meeting respectively, and analyzed the future development of the audio industry, and also shared their experiences. Successful experience and experience in the battalion process. Professor Xie Bosun of South China University of Technology and Professor Peng Miaoyan of Guangzhou University have also brought us the latest information of the industry. They have repeatedly encouraged everyone to dare to "innovate". Recently, micro-devices have become very popular. From the perspective of the industrial chain, high-end is the best, but the process is very painful, and there will be a return if you pay. Instead of sticking to tradition, we should discover new innovations in time and transform them.
The conference also commended a number of "Guangzhou Electronics and Audio Industry Association, May 1, 2012-2013 Industry Stars": Hu Hong, General Manager of the Manufacturing Center of Guoguang Electronics Co., Ltd., Wu Wuxian, Deputy Manager of Guangzhou Ruifeng Acoustic Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Yongpeng, Manager of the R&D Center of Guangzhou Jieshilai Electronics Co., Ltd. (Ore Acoustics), Guoguang Electronics and Communication Research of Sun Yat-sen University. Chen Jiacheng, Technical Director of the Institute, Zeng Qingfa, Technical Director of Guangzhou Panyu Giant Automotive Audio Equipment Co., Ltd., Su Xiaoming, Sales Manager of Guangzhou Shile Electronics Co., Ltd., and Jiang Liping, Documentary Customer Service Staff of Guangzhou Wanchang Audio Co., Ltd.
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