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Preliminary roadmap for upgrading of China's audio capital
Date:2019-02-28 Count:1172
The "breakthrough" action of Huadu audio industry is also a good prescription for the transformation and upgrading of China's audio industry.
Preliminary roadmap for upgrading of China's audio capital
The Chinese Association of Electronics and Audio Industries has issued the plaque "China's Audio Capital" to the government of Huadu District.
The Huadu audio industry, which has been making a fortune in silence for more than 20 years, is now setting off a wave of second entrepreneurship.
Last Saturday, Huadu held the launching ceremony of the 2011 Science and Technology Week and the Summit Forum of China's Audio Industry. At the launching ceremony, Lin Zhongjian, director of Huadu District, took over the plaque of "China Audio Capital" from the China Electronics and Audio Industry Association. Relevant leaders from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the municipal government and Huadu District have fully affirmed the development of Huadu audio industry in recent years, and have expressed their support for Huadu to build China's audio capital stronger and stronger.
This new business card has brought huge imagination space to the Huadu audio industry as well as the scientific and technological circles.
Taking advantage of the shareholder spirit, Huadu District has also put forward the preliminary strategic idea of building China's audio capital in the future: strive to use 5-10 years to realize the leap-forward development of the electronic audio industry in Huadu District, and become a real Chinese audio capital. According to the latest plan, in order to promote industrial upgrading and expand industrial clusters, Huadu will build China's audio industry in three steps: this year and next, strive to achieve output value of 25 billion yuan; 2013-2015, strive to achieve output value of 35 billion yuan; 2015-2020, strive to achieve output value of more than 50 billion yuan.
A Breakthrough in Brand Research and Development will Trial-build Audio Museum
Break the situation
Although Huadu audio products have quietly occupied half of the country, and five of the eight well-known brand audio enterprises with an annual output value of more than 200 million yuan are in Huadu, and the construction of various platforms such as production, education and research has been quite basic, Huadu people from all walks of life are still blunt about the shortcomings of the audio industry.
According to Han Haiping, Director of Science, Technology and Information Technology Bureau of Huadu District, there is still a big gap in Huadu's electronic audio industry compared with the pioneering areas at home and abroad, which is highlighted in four aspects: weak high-end links in the industrial chain, low added value of products; weak overall R&D foundation of enterprises, relatively inadequate technological innovation capability; lack of professional research personnel and very lack of high-end talents. The planning guidance and policy support for the industry need to be strengthened, and the industrial development environment needs to be further improved.
Therefore, the construction process of China's audio capital will be a journey of transformation and upgrading.
"In the future, Huadu audio industry should focus on breakthroughs in R&D and branding." In an interview with reporters, Lin Zhongjian stressed that Huadu's professional audio foundation is very good. In the future, we should use various platforms to introduce high-end talents and technology. In addition, the Chinese family audio market is very large, and Huadu will expand from the family perspective in the future.
Huadu's car production will reach 770,000 this year, and more than 1 million next year. With the cars in Guangzhou as a whole, the car audio market is also very large. Lin Zhongjian said that Dongfeng Nissan's car has not yet used local audio, Huadu will also strengthen research and development in this field to see if the localization of audio can be achieved.
In this regard, Lin Zhongjian said that the Huadu audio industry chain is not perfect enough, has not yet formed a complementary, the future needs a process of integration.
For example, many of Guangzhou Guoguang's accessories are not local, which also brings high logistics costs. In the future, the government will guide enterprises to support local enterprises and promote the development of downstream enterprises.
"To cultivate industry, we must consider the complete industry chain, such as R&D, marketing, exhibition, talent, etc. Flowers will strengthen guidance and cultivation to extend the industry chain," said Lin Zhongjian. For example, Flowers will consider building a sound street.
"Many people think that hundreds of dollars of sound and tens of thousands of dollars of sound are actually the same, which is actually related to the ability to appreciate music," said Lin Zhongjian, trying to build a sound museum, Huadu Video and Audio Cultural Square, promote audio experience hall, promote the popularization of family sound and popular science, and will redesign and introduce preferential policies.
In addition, he believes that multimedia and audio are highly correlated. In the future, Huadu audio industry should adhere to diversified development "so that the market space will be very wide".
Lock in the Eight Major Tasks and Invest 30 million Yuan in Annual Support
Reporters learned that in order to ensure the development blueprint of Huadu audio industry from paper to reality, the region has identified eight major tasks: optimizing industrial spatial layout, formulating industrial technology roadmap, building industrial technology innovation system, overcoming a number of key technologies, improving and upgrading the industrial chain, enhancing the supporting capacity of industrial development, attracting investment for major projects, and establishing a new industry. A contingent of high-quality talents.
According to the plan, scientific research forces will be organized to formulate industrial technology development roadmap with high-end audio and video technology and chip development as the main direction, and digital home and professional audio and video, public broadcasting system as the carrier, providing action guidance for industrial development. In addition, Huadu focuses on leading enterprises, such as Guoguang Audio, to do a good job in the strategic layout of the industrial chain, improve the industry supporting, and lead the high-end development of the industry. We will give priority to the development of professional audio, break through the development of automobile audio, accelerate the development of home audio, and encourage the development of new areas such as multimedia, iphone, digital home and cloud computing.
It is understood that in order to ensure the development of the electronic audio industry, Huadu will formulate a medium-term and long-term development plan for the electronic audio industry, promulgate preferential policies such as finance, taxation and land use to encourage investment in the electronic audio and video industry, and coordinate relevant departments to study and solve the industrial development.
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